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Formula 1 Games

Formula 1 - 3D

Feel like a real Formula 1 driver. Drive your car to beat your opponents in a thrilling championship. Choose from different difficulty levels and driving at high speed in this 3D game.

Make 24

Here comes an engaging challenge for poker masters and math geniuses alike - can you compose equations which give 24 by mixing arithmetic signs and brackets with playing cards? At each round of the game you will be given 4 randomly dealt cards, as we

Math Man

Prepare to indulge in the remake of the phenomenal arcade classic and journey through the amazing arithmetical world! Your goal in this game is to control the Math Man to consume all the ghosts in the mazes after solving the equations. When the game

Quick Calculate

Recall the lovely (or bittersweet) memories of the mathematics classes in the old days in Quick Calculate, and you will know the stuff you learnt are indeed, awesome and fun. Your goal in this game is to solve the given equations as quickly as possib

Formula Line Challenge

Formula Line Challenge is a car racing game on a long, straight track.

Make 15

Play the numeric trick against the computer! In this game, your task is to choose at least 3 numbers among 1 to 9 which add up to 15. You and the computer will take turns in the game, and each time you can click to select a number. The numbers you ha

Quick Math

Do not overlook the mathematical tricks behind the seemingly simple equations in this game - you may need to spend more time than you think to complete them! In Quick Math, your goal is to fill in the missing arithmetic symbols in the equations as qu

Eat My Dust

Choose the track and get ready to win the race to gain access to next level. Get all the wrenches to improve the car. LEFT/RIGHT to steer. Z to accellerate X to brake. Good Luck! Tips & help: info (at) Another game by http://www.vide

Driving at Nowhere

Drive at the middle of nowhere by balancing the car as well as possible.

The game of 8

Find the right symbol to solve the formula, be fast and accurate and deliver your points

Arithmetic Game

Fancy some interesting arithmetic training? Come and search for the numeric components and complete the equations in this game! You will be given a large grid of numerous numbers, while a questions will be presented at the bottom of the screen. Click

F1 Parking

Drive a F1 and park it into marked parking area before the time runs out. Avoid damaging your formula to complete the job.

F1 Hidden Object

This game really embraces both simplicity in terms of the main gameplay objective and the ability to make us feel rŠµally satisfied with the overall impression taken from it! So, it's about F1 symbols that are left almost completely hidden in the F1 p

F1 Ride

3D formula racing game. Race a F1 around the track and compete with other F1 drivers.

Europe 2

Race around in Europe, but be aware of blue bubbles in this fun, exciting and addictive game.

Beach Biker

Find and stay in the fastest track on the beach to beat the record, but be aware of the bikers there will do anything to stop you.

Beach Bike Babes

Find and stay in the fastest track on the beach to beat the record, but be aware of the biker babes there will do anything to stop you.


Race around in Europe, but be fast cause time is ticking in this fun, exciting and addictive game.

Race in the Alps

Race in the amazing alps, but be fast if you wanna beat the record.

Racing Club

Racing club members are forcing their boosted cars on highway. To earn speed and bonus points, you need to keep all the bonus coins on the highway without crushing other cars. Game continues with several levels.